Frank Fontaine

Frank Fontaine
Frank Fontaine.JPGFormer mobster and smuggler Frank Fontaine.
Voiced byGreg Baldwin
MissionTo take over Rapture.

Frank Fontaine is a crime lord in Bioshock. Presumably named after the 1950s and 60s (the time period in which the game takes place) comedian and singer, this Fontaine is a former mobster who becomes involved in smuggling operations in Rapture; he is an archenemy of Andrew Ryan, mainly due to the two mens craving for power and control of the city.

Frank Fontaine was born in the year 1920 when the great depression was beginning. Being a child from a poor family, he dreamed of a higher life and at age 20 began his life as a mobster crime lord, similar to Al Capone. He lived in the Bronx in New York, and is evident when you hear his thick New Yorker accent. For reasons unknown, he came to rapture, and started his new crime front; Fontaine Fisheries. When a sea slug attached itself to one of his fishermen, it rewrote his DNA, and Fontaine researched this. The result; Fontaine Futuristics. While Ryan Industries focused on Plasmids, Fontaine Futuristics started working on Gene Tonics. It was the classic Bugsy Malone story re-enacted in an underwater city. Then, in 1948, he faked his death.

The next year, he 'resurfaced' as his best coverup identity, Atlas.

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