Atlas2.jpgAtlas, as spotted in Point Prometheus.
Voiced byKarl Hanover
MissionTo rescue his family from the hell that is Rapture.

Atlas is the first person you encounter in Rapture in the first Bioshock and he offers to help you out - in return for a small favor, as all things go. He offers to help to get you through Rapture, but in return, he asks that you rescue his wife and child from the wrath of the splicers.

Atlas helps to guide you through the underwater labyrinth that is Rapture, by contacting you over the short-wave radio you pick up from the Bathysphere and offers you information, hints and tips. However, there is no way for you to contact him via the radio - if he wants to talk to you, he will call you and until then - you're on your own.

Our 'hero' almost meets Atlas about midway through the game, but, as it is told, Andrew Ryan interrupts the plan by detonating the Bathysphere with Atlas' family inside. A little look can be caught of him here, though, and a much better one in Point Prometheus. As we can see from the photo to the right, it is unknown whether he was a Splicer and there was no mention of it, or due to plot-related reasons (see below), the developers did not make a skin for him.

Near the game's end 'Atlas' reveals himself as Frank Fontaine; he tells Jack his past is invented and he was only using him (by means of the phrase "would you kindly"; which causes Jack to do anything asked of him) for his own ends (destroying Ryan to gain control of Rapture).

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