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[edit] Medical Pavilion Audio Diaries

[edit] Diana McClintock - New Year's Eve Alone

"Another New Year's, another night alone. I'm out, and you're stuck in Hephaestus, working. Imagine my surprise. I guess I'll have another drink... here's a toast to Diane McClintock, silliest girl in Rapture. Silly enough to fall in love with Andrew Ryan, silly enough to- *sound of a raid and people screaming* What... what happened... I'm bleeding... oh, god... what's happening..."

[edit] Steve Barker - Hole in the Bathroom Wall

"Hey, Brenda- You care to tell me why you've had a hole in the wall the size of Plymouth Rock coming out of your crapper going on three weeks now? Now, I ain't saying I'm Shakespeare, but I'm trying to run a respectable theater. I got working folk coming in from Port Neptune trying to catch a little diversion... and all they can think about is the stink coming out your shitter. Get it fixed."

[edit] Diana McClintock - Released Today

"Dr. Steinman said he'd release me today. Ryan didn't come to see me since the New Year's attack. Not once. But Dr. Steinman was very attentive. He told me that once the scar tissue was gone, he was going to fix me right up. Make me prettier than any girl I've ever seen. He's sweet all right... and so interested in my case!"

[edit] Steinman - Adam's Changes

"Ryan and Adam, Adam and Ryan... all those years of study, and was I ever truly a surgeon before I met them? How we plinked away with our scalpels and toy morality. Yes, we could lop a boil here, and shave down a beak there, but... but could we really change anything? No. But Adam gives us the means to do it. And Ryan frees us from the phony ethics that held us back. Change your look, change your sex, change your race. It's yours to change, nobody else's."

[edit] Steinman - Higher Standards

"Adam presents new problems for the professional. As your tools improve, so do your standards. There was a time, I was happy enough to take off a wart or two, or turn a real circus freak into something you can show in the daylight. But that was then, when we took what we got, but with Adam... the flesh becomes clay. What excuse do we have not to sculpt, and sculpt, and sculpt, until the job is done?"

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Parasite Expectations

"On the surface, the Parasite expects the doctor to heal them for free, the farmer to feed them out of charity. How little they differ from the pervert who prowls the streets, looking for a victim he can ravish for his grotesque amusement."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Love for Science

"I was at German prison camp only of sixteen years old when I realize I have love for science. German doctor, he make experiment. Sometime, he make scientific error. I tell him of this error, and this make him angry. But then he asks, 'how can a child know such a thing?' I tell him, 'Sometimes, I just know.' He screams at me, 'Then why tell me?' 'Well,' I said, 'if you're going to do such things, at least you should do them properly.'"

[edit] Steinman - Limits of Imagination

"I am beautiful, yes. Look at me, what could I do to make my features finer? With Adam and my scalpel, I have been transformed. But is there not something better? What if now it is not my skill that fails me... but my imagination?"

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Vandalism

"It has been brought to my attention that some citizens have discovered ways to... hack the vending machines. I should not need to remind each and every citizen of Rapture that free enterprise is the foundation upon which our society has been established. Parasites will be punished."

[edit] Steinman - Surgery's Picasso

"When Picasso became bored of painting people, he started representing them as cubes and other abstract forms. The world called him a genius! I've spent my entire surgical career creating the same tired shapes, over and over again: the upturned nose, the cleft chin, the ample bosom. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could do with a knife what that old Spaniard did with a brush?"

[edit] McDonagh - Freezing Pipes

"Steinman, I know Medical Pavilion is your manor, but you might want to cogitate on this: ocean water is colder than a witch's tit. You don't heat the pipes, the pipes freeze. Pipes freeze, pipes burst. Then Rapture leaks. Now, I realize you're a posh sort of geezer, and frankly, I don't give a toss if you piss or go fishing. But once Rapture starts leaking, the old girl's never gonna stop. And then I'll be sure to tell Ryan he's got you to thank."

[edit] Suchong - Testing Telekinesis

"Clinical Trial Lot 23 Dr. Suchong/Client Fontaine Futuristics. Work on telekinesis plasmid proceeding well. Lifting objects at distance present no problem. Moving objects through space, no problem. Cannot stop speeding bullet, but can catch and throw fast moving object. Problem not with plasmid. Problem with reaction time. ...Suchong just get new idea for plasmid."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Useless Experiments

"At the German prison camp they put me to work on genetic experiments on other prisoners. They call me 'Das Wunderkind', the wonder child. Germans, all they can talk about is blue eyes, and shape of forehead. All I care about is why is this one born strong, and that one weak? This one smart, that one stupid? All that killing, you think the Germans could have been interested in something useful?"

[edit] Suchong - Enrage Trial

"Clinical Trial Lot 44 Dr. Suchong/Client Fontaine Futuristics. Subject is white male, one Roland Wallace. Can you hear me, Mr. Wallace? 'Yes sir, Mr. Suchong, sir' Very well. Right, I'm introducing lot 44 now... We've codenamed Lot 44 'Enrage' because of its tendency to... *Mr. Wallace starts screaming* Nurse, hold him down... nurse! Nurse!!!"

[edit] Steinman - Symmetry

"Today I had lunch with the Goddess, 'Steinman,' she said... 'I'm here to free you from the tyranny of the commonplace. I'm here to show you a new kind of beauty.' I asked her, 'What do you mean, goddess?' 'Symmetry, dear Steinman. It's time we did something about symmetry...'"

[edit] Steinman - Aphrodite Waking

"Aphrodite is walking the halls - shimmering, like a scalpel... 'Steinman,' she calls, 'Steinman! I have what you're looking for! Just open your eyes!' And when I see her, she cuts into me a thousand beautiful pieces."

[edit] Steinman - Not What She Wanted

"Steinman: Four-oh silk and ...done.
Nurse: The nose looks terrific, Doctor Steinman ...Doctor?
Steinman: You know, looking at it now... I didn't realize how much her face sags... Scalpel...
Nurse: Excuse me?
Steinman: Scalpel!
Nurse: Uh, doctor, she's not booked for a face lift...
Steinman: Let's just come in here and... *starts whistling*
Nurse: Doctor... Stop cutting... Doctor, stop cutting... Get me the chief of surgery! Get me the chief of surgery NOW!!!"

[edit] Steinman - Gatherer's Vulnerability

"Not only are those little girls veritable Adam factories, they're nearly indestructible. They regenerate any wounded flesh with stem versions of the dead cells. But their relationship with the implanted slugs is symbiotic... if you harvest the slug, the host will die. 'So you see it's not like killing,' Tenenbaum said. 'It's more like removing a terminal patient from life support.'"

[edit] Suchong - Plasmids are the Paint

"Tenenbaum... sometimes I pity the little freak. Such a tiny imagination... Content to sit there with her tanks of Adam, tweaking and optimizing. I need to create... Adam is a canvas of genetic modification... but plasmids are the paint."

[edit] Neptune's Bounty Audio Transcripts

[edit] Sullivan - Bathysphere Keys

"We're putting all the bathyspheres in lockdown until further notice. Ryan had us install some kinda genetic device into the things so only Ryan and his inner circle will be able to use 'em without dispensation. But the boys tell me the keys are pretty unreliable. Sisters, cousins- anybody in the ballpark genetically will be able to come and go as they see fit."

[edit] Sullivan - Timmy H. Interrogation

"Sullivan: Mr. Ryan asked me personally to make this clear to you. You give us Fontaine, and this whole filthy ring of his, and you'll be knocking back pints up at the Fighting McDonaghs. But if you prefer to play the mule... we'll treat you like a mule... Give him a taste, Patrick... *Timmy screams from electrocution* Sullivan: Oh, what's that? Change of heart, Timmy? Timmy? Ready to talk now? Timmy H: Go on, Sullivan... go on and do your dirty! ...whatever Ryan thinks he can do to me, Fontaine can do double!"

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Fontaine Must Go

"Something must be done about Fontaine. While I was buying buildings and fish futures, he was cornering the market on genotypes and nucleotide sequences. Rapture is transforming before my eyes. The Great Chain is pulling away from me. Perhaps it's time to give it a tug."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Finding the Sea Slug

"I saw one of the smugglers having a game of catching on the docks today. And this surprised me, because his hands were crippled during the war. He was unloading the barge the other day when he was bitten from this sea slug. He woke up the next morning and he found he could move his fingers for the first time in years. I asked him if he still had that sea slug. As luck would have it, he did..."

[edit] Sullivan - Picked Up Timmy H

"Now the eggs are in the scramble. We picked up Timmy H, right after midnight. Either Ryan'll be taking down Fontaine, or Fontaine'll be taking down Ryan. We'll be 'interviewing' poor Timmy 'neath Fontaine Fisheries... if you're up for entertainment, the code's 5380."

[edit] Marista Lutz - Masha Come Home

"Darling Masha- We don't know what has happened to you... Ryan's men have taken you away and said you are needed to save Rapture. Who needs a child to save a city? But I see these little girls crawling out of these vents, and I only wonder if you might one day crawl out of this vent and find this note. We look for you, but if you find this, come to us at the fighting McDonaghs in room #7. The code to our room is 7533. We miss you, our darling child."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Watch Fontaine

"This Fontaine fellow is somebody to watch. Once, he was just a menace, to be convicted and hung. But he always manages to be where the evidence isn't. He's the most dangerous type of hoodlum... the kind with vision."

[edit] Sullivan - Have My Badge

"Hanging now, is it? That's what we've come to? Now look, I don't make the laws here, I just enforce them. But I didn't come to Rapture to string men up for running contraband. If Ryan and his crew have their law, then they can have my badge."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Adam Discovery

"This little sea slug has come along and glued together all the crazy ideas I've had since the war... if doesn't just heal damaged cells, it... resurrects them... I can bend the double helix... Black can be reborn white, tall short. Weak, strong... But the slugs alone are not enough... I'll need money... and one other thing..."

[edit] McDonagh - Eden Leaking

"If things weren't bad enough, it seems that even our water system's sprung a leak. Yep, that's right. The irrigation system in Arcadia is taking on sea water. I told Mr. Ryan when we were building this place that either you build her like a bath tub, or she's gonna turn into a sewer. No, McDonagh, he said, we're not gonna build no bathtub... we're gonna build Eden."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Fontaine's Smugglers

"As the respectable labs have all turned me away, I have turned to Fontaine's smugglers in Port Neptune for supplies. Fontaine's men are pigs. They spit, they stink. But they deliver and they don't ask questions. They're all terrified of Fontaine... he reminds me a bit of the Germans- so efficient. It wouldn't surprise me if he were soon running things down here."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Death Penalty in Rapture

"The death penalty in Rapture! Council's in an uproar. Riots in the streets they say! But this is the time for leadership. Action must be taken against the smugglers. Any contact with the surface exposes Rapture to the very Parasites we fled from. A few stretched necks are a small price to pay for our ideals."

[edit] McDonagh - Meeting Ryan

"I met Ryan the day me and the lads were installing the bathroom plumbing up in his posh Park Avenue digs. 'Oi!' says he, 'what's with all the brass fittings? General contractor had me down for the tin.' 'Well,' I says, 'I supposed it's the contractor then who'll be bailing out your loo once a fortnight, is it? If it's price you're worried about, I'll be picking up the brass, so not to worry, squire.' 'And why would you be doing that,' says he? 'Well, Mr. Ryan, profit or not, no man bails water out of privies built by Bill McDonagh.' The next day I finds out, I'm Ryan's new general contractor."

[edit] Sullivan - Smuggling Ring

"I'm closing in on the whole ring. I'd pat myself on the back, but let's face it... these aren't exactly bloodthirsty desperadoes we're talking about. Rapture's full of poets, artists, and tennis players, not hired gorillas. But this leader of theirs, this Fontaine... he seems to know his way around a grift. He keeps his nose clean, but not so clean that the right people don't know he's not to be trifled with..."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Working Late Again

"Diane, my dear I'm sorry but I'll be late again tonight... Rosenberg is demanding to speak about this Fontaine business. I'm trying to build a proper financial market and this idiot keeps going on about Adam this and genetic modification that. I'll go spend an hour pretending to pay attention to the poor fellow and be home as soon as I can. -Andrei"

[edit] McDonagh - Rapture Changing

"Rapture's changing, but Ryan can't see the wolves in the woods. This Fontaine fellow... he's a crook and a proper tea leaf, but he's got the ADAM, and that makes him the guv'nor. He's sinking the profits back into bigger and better plasmids, and building them Fontaine Poorhouses... more like Fontaine recruiting centers... 'Fore we know it, Bloke's gonna have an army of splicers, and we're gonna have ourselves a whole heap of miseries."

[edit] Marista Lutz - Saw Masha Today

"We saw our Masha today. We barely recognized her. That's her, Sam said. You're crazy, I told him. That thing? that, that is our Masha? But he was right. She was drawing blood out of a corpse by Fontaine Fisheries, and when she was done, she walked off hand in hand with one of those awful golems. Masha!"

[edit] McDonagh - Arresting Fontaine

"Mr. Ryan... I believe in Rapture. But that doesn't mean we always win. Fontaine Futuristics is the biggest thing going in Rapture. So let me be plain: when we arrest that toerag Fontaine for his thieving and smuggling, we must make it clear that we won't touch his business interests. We sit on the council because these poor sods trust us... not because God gave us a chair."

[edit] Peach Wilkins - Putting the Screws On

"Fontaine's putting the screws on us, and double. He's squeezing us out 80 points of our cut with the threat of turning us in to Ryan if we don't play ball. Son of a bitch. Sammy G. comes and tells me he's thinking of going to the constable, and the next day, Sammy G. was found in a sack in the salt pond. We got no choice here. We stay on Fontaine's crew, we're gonna catch the gallows. We take a powder, and we end up like Sammy G. There's gotta be another way..."

[edit] Peach Wilkins - Meeting With Fontaine

"We all come down here, figured we'd all be part of Ryan's Great Chain. Turns out Ryan's chain is made of gold, and ours are the sort with the big iron ball around your ankle. He's up in Fort Frolic banging fashion models... we're down in this dump yanking guts outta fish. Fontaine's promising something better. He's like one-a us, you know, like he's worked a day in his life. He says meet him at his fish-packing joint at 11. I'll go, bring a couple of guys. Hey, it's not like things could get a lot worse."

[edit] Frank Fontaine - Kraut Scientist

"Spent the morning jawing with that Kraut scientist. She's damaged goods, all right. Just like all those chumps they scraped out of them prison camps. But she's no crackpot... she's gonna make me the kinda scratch that'll have Ryan look like he's runnin' a paper route. She just needs some supplies to get the ball rolling... and a friend to watch her back."

[edit] Peach Wilkins - Offered a Deal

"The Irish porkpie offered me a deal. I flip 'em Fontaine, and I walk out of here. That simple. How do I know that fat fuck isn't Fontaine's guy? How do I know they're not all Fontaine's guy? Fontaine's got Adam and everybody wants it. Ryan's got a whole lot of talk and a nice suit. Even down here, any idiot can see which way the wind is blowing."

[edit] Arcadia Audio Diaries

[edit] McDonagh - Seeing Ghosts

"Seems like some poor blighters have started seeing ghosts. Ghosts! Ryan tells me it's a side effect of this plasmid business. One poor sod's memories getting passed on to another through genetic sampling. Leaks. Lunatics. Rebellion. And now bleeding ghosts. Ain't life in Rapture grand?"

[edit] Langford - Arcadia Closed

"Today Arcadia was closed off to all but paying customers. The man hires me to build a forest at the bottom of the ocean, and then turns a walk in the woods into a luxury. Ryan asked 'Should a farmer not be able to sell his food?' 'Is a potter not entitles to a profit from his pots?' I started to argue with the man and then I remembered who signed my checks. Only thing worse than a hypocrite is an unemployed one."

[edit] Dieter Sonnekalb - Big Night Out

"What a night I got lined up. Everything's ready. Flowers, bottle of wine, even two tickets to the Tea Garden. Nothing gets the betties in the mood like nighttime in Arcadia. Now I just gotta stop by the Thrifty Care to pick up a med hypo, just to be safe. Word is this ain't Angelina's first visit to the Tea Garden..."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Mass Producting Adam

"The augmentation procedure is a success. The slugs alone could not provide enough Adam for serious work. But combined with the host... now we have something. The slug is embedded in the lining of the host's stomach and after the host feeds we induce regurgitation, and then we have twenty, thirty times the yield of usable Adam. The problem now is the shortage of hosts. Fontaine says, 'Patience, Tenenbaum. Soon the first home for Little Sisters will be open, and that problem will be solved..."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - The Market is Patient

"There has been tremendous pressure to regulate this plasmid business. There have been side effects: blindness, insanity, death. But what use is our ideology if it is not tested? The market does not respond like an infant, shrieking at the first sign of displeasure. The market is patient, and we must be too."

[edit] Langford - Early Tests Promising

"Yes yes yes, I KNOW about the lockdown. It's absurd. Just give me a minute! The early Lazarus tests are very promising. If the Rosa Gallica bloom, then by God I'll know we're in business... Man in background: 'Hurry! The lockdown!!' Hm? Oh all right! I'm leaving! But somebody has to find a way to come back to check on these samples. They're very important!"

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Offer a Better Product

"Gregory, don't come whining to me about market forces. And don't expec me to punish citizens for showing a little initiative. If you don't like what Fontaine is doing, well, I suggest you find a way to offer a better product."

[edit] Diane McClintock - Heroes and Criminals

"I couldn't believe how much things had changed since I left Dr. Steinman's office. It's like I don't even recognize Rapture no more. I hear they've been rounding up people in 'pollo Square... I asked Ryan how could he do such things to innocents. He said, 'Innocents? If they haven't chosen to defend Rapture, they've chosen to side with Atlas and his bandits. So there are no innocents. There are heroes, and there are criminals.'"

[edit] Mariska Lutz - Shouldn't Have Come

"The minute we came here, Masha started screaming, 'Mama! Mama! What is that? What is that!?' I thought she was having some kind of seizure and then I realized... trees... trees! Never saw one before, thought they were monsters. Oh, Sammy, maybe we never should have come to this place..."

[edit] Langford - The Saturnine

They dress up in leaves and call themselves the Saturnine. Please. They drink human blood, and chant- 'Harness the flame, Harness the mist!' and believe they are touched by the ancient gods. Hah. An aging bunch of frat boys, tilting back goblets of plasmids and calling it ambrosia."

[edit] Langford - Arcadia and Oxygen

"Now I'm a woman of science, but I'm also a woman who's not afraid of turning a buck or two. Ryan said if I could boost profits in Arcadia, part of the up would ride on my hip. So I get to thinking, we're paying for oxygen when we got photosynthesizing trees... Hell, we can even sell the extra to the rest of the city and undercut the other guys. Ryan will like that for sure- Fontaine's people have moved into the O2 biz tooth and claw."

[edit] Langford - What Won't They Steal

"Isn't there anything in this damn place those pagans won't steal? Paper towels, ink pots, witch hazel, chlorophyll solution, even my back issues of National Geographic. They're feathering their disgusting little shrines with it, I suppose. Sick bastards"

[edit] Langford - Teaching an Old Hound

"Who says you can't teach an old hound new tricks? This baffy plant woman spends four years coming up with ways to defoliate trees in the Pacific to scare out the Japs and now here I am down at the bottom of the Atlantic trying to figure out how to do the same thing in reverse. Adam, Adam, Adam... It's bathtub gin, times the atom bomb, times Eve with the serpent. Let's go see what it can do."

[edit] Langford - Lazarus Vector

"I've been killing trees for twenty-five years. At Berkeley, back in the 20's. On the Japs at Iwo Jima. But I never brought one back from the grave before. I did, Becky. Momma's gonna build her first damn Frankentree. I'm gonna call my little creating 'The Lazarus Vector.' Maybe it'll bring the old gal's career back from the dead as well..."

[edit] Langford - Lazarus Vector Formula

"What's the point of being a damn genius if the only ones around to appreciate it are a bunch of spliced up morons? I've cracked the Vector, or at least I'm 99% certain I have. I just need a bud of Rosa Gallica to confirm my analysis. Distilled water, a bit of chlorophyll, and enzymes extracted from Apis Mellifera. That's right, sweethearts: honeybee spit."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Maternal Instinct

"What makes something like me? I look at genes all day long, and never do I see the blueprint of sin. I could blame the Germans, but in truth, I did not find tormentors in the Prison Camp, but kindred spirits. These children I brutalized have awoken something inside that for most is beautiful and natural, but in me, is an abomination... my maternal instinct."

[edit] Tasha Denu - Bee Enzyme

"Julie, my dear, I am trying to run a business here. You wanna spend time with my honey bees, well, I'm gonna have to start charging you for the pleasure. If I come out one more time and find you lolling out there amongst my hives, I'm grabbing my shotgun. As to your question, yes, my days in beekeeping school are a blur, but I do seem to remember something about that enzyme you keep blabbing on about."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Pulling Together

"The children with their very long needles, their tuneless songs, their ghastly errands. Their ghoulish, Frankenstein fathers. But, we've all placed our hand on the Great Chain of endeavor. My hand is on it, Fontaine's is on it- We all pull it and are pulled by it. Yes, these children are an abomination. But it is not my hand alone on the chain that created them. No. Their little fingers were right there, next to mine."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - First Encounter

"On my walk today I had my first encounter with a pair of them... he, a lumbering palooka in a foul smelling diving suit, and she, an unwashed moppet in a filthy pink smock. Her pallor was off, green and morbid, and there was a rather unpleasant aspect to her demeanor, as if she were in an altogether different place than the rest of us. ...I understand the need for such creatures, I just wish they could make them more presentable."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Hatred

"One of the children came and sat in my lap. I push her off, I shout, 'Get away from me!' I can see the Adam oozing out of the corner of her mouth, thick and green. Her filthy hair hanging in her face, dirty clothes, and that dead glow in her eye... I feel... hatred, like I never felt before, in my chest. Bitter, burning, fury. I can barely breathe. And suddenly, I know, it is not this child I hate."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - Desperate Times

"Doctor Suchong, frankly, I'm shocked by your proposal. If we were to modify the structure of our commercial plasmid line as you propose, to have them make the user vulnerable to mental suggestion through pheromones, would we not be able to effectively control the actions of the citizens of Rapture? Free will is the cornerstone of this city. The thought of sacrificing it is abhorrent. However... we are indeed in a time of war. If Atlas and his bandits have their way, will they not turn us into slaves? And what will become of free will then? Desperate times call for desperate measures."

[edit] Pierre Gobbi - Water in Wine

"In ten years in this dump, I've come to accept a very low standard of life. But even at the bottom of this fish tank, a man must have standards. The pathetic frou du cul down at Worley Winery has started putting water to his terrible wine... water!!! When I confronted him with this fact, he tells me, 'Pierre, this is not to worry, the water, she is distilled. It would be worse... I would take it right from the ocean...'"

[edit] Tenenbaum - Adam Explained

"Adam acts like a benign cancer, destroying native cells and replacing them with unstable stem versions. While this very instability is what gives it its amazing properties, it is also what causes the cosmetic and mental damage. You need more and more Adam just to keep back the tide. From a medical standpoint, this is catastrophic. From a business standpoint, well... Fontaine sees the possibilities."

[edit] Tenenbaum - Functional Children

"The children must remain functional to be effective producers of Adam. I had hoped we place them into vegetative state, so they would be more pliable. I find being around them very uncomfortable. Even with those things implanted in their bellies, they are still children. They play, and sing. Sometimes they look at me, and they don't stop. Sometimes they smile."

[edit] Andrew Ryan - The Great Chain

"I believe in no God, no invisible man in the sky. But there is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction. The chain is too powerful and too mysterious for ant government to guide. Any man who tells you different either has his hand in your pocket, or a pistol to your neck."

[edit] Fort Frolic Audio Diaries

[edit] Diane McClintock - Stood Up Again

"Stood up! Again... Second time this week. Ever since my face was... Steinman worked on me, but it was never the same since the blast... Being alone so much gives a girl time to think. Who could hate me so much they'd ruin me like this? What did I do to them? I keep thinking of all them bandits and terrorists Ryan's got locked up in 'pollo Square and I get so mad... sometimes I can hardly breathe... if I could only confront them, tell them what they did to me, how they're ruining everything for me, for Rapture... maybe I'd... well, maybe I'd feel better."

[edit] Sander Cohen - Musical Insult

"Regarding your review of Anna Culpepper's latest musical insult: Of all of the worthy artists in Rapture, why you continue to devote column inches to this musical gremlin is beyond my imagination. Where she is not derivative, she's boring. Where she's not boring, she's obvious. Where she's not obvious, she's dangerous."

[edit] Cobb - Come to the Record Store

"You wanna lock us in, old man? Oh, that's fine with Cobbsie. I used to love you. I Used you to think you were a musical genius. You know why? Because you paid my rent, you ancient hack! Come on to the record store, I'll show you what I think of your plinkily, plink, plink!"

[edit] Sullivan - Artist's Feud

"I worked the meatball beat in Little Italy, and even I'm shocked at the cold blood that oozes out of these artistic types. This broad Culpepper and that fruitjob Cohen are in some kind of feud, and Cohen's lookin' for MY security detail to pick sides. The next thing I know I get called into Ryan's office to talk about the whole mess. Goddamn nutjob artist."

[edit] Sander Cohen - The Wild Bunny

"The Wild Bunny by Sander Cohen: I want to take the ears off, but I can't. I hop, and when I hop, I never get off the ground. It's my curse, my eternal curse! I want to take the ears off but I can't! It's my fucking curse! I want to take the ears off! Please! Take them off! Please!"

[edit] Albert Milonakis - Fancy Cigarettes

"Some hired Betty tried to sell me on those fancy Oxford Club ciggies. Mmm- no thanks. I told her, I'm a Nico Time man, always will be. Why? They smoke good, and don't cost half a damn. Who cares if the things are made out of sea shells and fish eggs?"

[edit] Sander Cohen - The Doubters

"Rapture's going to hell, and why? Because of them... always behind the scenes. At the Lyceum, at the galleries in SoHo, even down here, in this so-called-Utopia. The Doubters. But Ryan understands. We're simpatico... Yes, there's blood in the streets. Yes, people sometimes... disappear. And those awful little girls... Well, I suppose the Doubters think you can paint a picture without soiling your smock..."

[edit] Martin Finnegan - The Iceman Cometh

"You think you gonna finish me in here, you old fruit? The other saps you tossed in this meat locker all panicked like rabbits. I just watched and waited. And when they started to kick, I started to scavenge. Made myself a little splicer cocktail I did. If you can't come in from the cold, then you gotta grow ice over your heart. And the iceman cometh, Sander baby. The iceman fucking cometh."

[edit] McDonagh - Fontaine's Army

"Fontaine knew our blokes were coming. We were done over. Them splicers come screaming out the woodwork. Burping fire, spitting ice... demons out of the Bible they were. Never seen nothing like it. It wasn't a business he was building, it was an army."

[edit] Anna Culpepper - Ryan's Stableboy

"Cohen's not a musician. He's Ryan's stable boy. Ryan's corrupt policies crap all over the place, and Cohen flutters around clearing it up. But instead of using a shovel, like you would with a proper mule, Cohen fidies with a catchy melody and a clever turn of phrase. But no matter how nicely it sounds, he can't really do anything about the smell..."

[edit] Sullivan - Bump Culpepper?

"I just got the word to put the bump on Anna Culpepper. This isn't some gangster or hard-nosed political operative. We're talking about a dizzy twist what wrote a song or two that got under Ryan's wig."

[edit] Jasmine Jolene - Pregnancy

That creepy Dr. Tenenbaum promised me it wasn't gonna be a real pregnancy, they'd just take the egg out once Mr. Ryan and I had... I needed the money so bad... But I know Mr. Ryan's gonna suss it out, gonna know I wasn't being careful... gonna know I sold the... Mr. Ryan's gonna be so mad at me...

[edit] McDonagh - Guns Blazing

"The good people of Rapture didn't sign up to see up government-types shutting down shops, killing their owners... even with a ponce like Fontaine. But he brung it upon himself. 'Stead of copping it on the chin, bugger gets into his 'ead that he's gonna go down guns blazing. Who does he think he is? John bloody Wayne? We can get on top of this. We can. Here's what we do: we find Fontaine's will and make what was his go to where it was intended - and not into the pockets of us that put 'im into the ground.

[edit] Hector Rodriguez - It's All Grift

"You know what? Art... music... poetry... It's all grift. Cohen's got Ryan wrapped around his lil' pinky... and why? Because he tells him what he wants to hear. 'Rise, Rapture, Rise!' Nuts! That stuff was stale before it came out Cohen's pen. I'm through with the whole pinata. Let's see that old fruit try an' keep me here..."

[edit] Sander Cohen - Requiem for Andrew Ryan

"I could have been the toast of Broadway, the talk of Hollywood. But, instead, I followed you to this soggy bucket. When you needed my star light, I illuminated you. But now I rot, waiting for an audience that doesn't... ever... come... I'm writing something for you, Andrew Ryan... it's a requiem."

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