BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite
Bioshock infinite logo white.jpgBioShock Infinite logo.
DeveloperIrrational Games
Publisher2K Games
PlatformsPC, PS3, 360
Release Date2012


[edit] Overview

A third game in the BioShock series was announced on June 5, 2008 by Take-Two Interactive, and is now known not to be a direct sequel/prequel to the original Bioshock games. Bioshock Infinite is the start of a completely new Bioshock series and set to be released in 2012, and does not take place in the city of Rapture. It is now set in a fictional city in the sky; Columbia.

Bioshock Infinite is being developed by Irrational Games, who created the original BioShock.

[edit] Plot

(Full plot yet to be released)

Bioshock Infinite takes place in the floating city in the sky called Columbia in 1912. The main protagonist, Booker DeWitt, whom players control during the game, has been put in the role of finding and protecting a woman named Elizabeth. It is yet to be revealed as to the circumstances of Elizabeth, but she is being chased by a dangerous creature known as a Songbird, which seems to share a resemblance with the Big Daddy of Bioshock and Bioshock 2.

The game takes place in a city called 'Colombia', a city built in the sky, by a man called Zachary Hale Comstock. Among it's residents are the followers of Comstock, the Vox Populi, and workers at Fink Industries. Civil unrest has caused tension between the Vox Populi and Fink Industries, bringing the Vox Populi to strike back against the Industrial Revolution. We find Booker Dewitt, the protagonist of the story, and Elizabeth, a young woman with the incredible ability to summon Tears, gateways to different realities, with an infinite amount of different outcomes. The creation of Vigors, brings with it certain abilities, that can aid the user with new ways to turn the tides of war. With a wide range of weapons, Mechanical enemies and aircraft, Comstock boasts an impressive arsenal that booker must overcome. Booker DeWitt must find a way to fix his past, and save Elizabeth from the clutches of Zachary Hale Comstock.

[edit] Game Development

Bioshock Infinite is being developed by Irrational Games, creators of the original Bioshock. Originally under the working title of Project Icarus. It was later revealed that the developers had been working on the game for nearly two and a half years, using the new technology of Unreal Engine 3, which produces groundbreaking gaming effects.

[edit] Characters

Booker DeWitt
Daisy Fitzroy
Zachary Hale Comstock
Jeremiah Fink
Robert Lutece
Rosalind Lutece
Lady Comstock
Cornelius Slate

[edit] Enemies

Motorized Patriot
Zealot of the Lady
Motorized Turret
Vox Populi

[edit] Weapons

Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Crank Gun
Hail Fire
Volley Gun
Note: although the Skyhook's primary use is to travel on Skylines, it can also be used as a weapon.

[edit] Transport


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