Booker DeWitt

Booker DeWitt is the protagonist of the game, struggling to come to part with his thoughts and memories. His background is rather shrouded in uncertainty, other than his addiction to alcohol and gambling, after serving in the American Army, more specifically, Wounded Knee, 7th Cavalry.

Booker is brought to a lighthouse by boat, by two shady characters talking about a 'thought experiment'. Upon reaching the lighthouse, Booker finds a three bells. After activating the three bells, a set of tones begin, followed by red flashes of light appearing in the sky. A gate opens, revealing a chair, in which Booker sits in. He is suddenly locked to the chair, and taken upwards. He finds himself in another world, one above the old city, a city built in the sky called 'Colombia'.

Upon arriving at Colombia, Booker finds himself in a Cathedral, full of people praying to "The Prophet", otherwise called Zachary Hale Comstock. After leaving the Cathedral, he finds himself in the city of Colombia, and must find his way to New York, where he will find the person who will lift his debt. Booker is focus of clearing his debt, and his main goal, which is to rescue a girl called Elizabeth from Zachary Hale Comstock, founder of Comstock and Colombia. Among the cities occupants, there are the armies and followers of Comstock, the workers of Fink Industries and the Vox Populi.

Torn between protecting Elizabeth, and wiping away his debt, Booker must overcome the armies of Comstock, and find a way to convince Elizabeth to follow him to New York. Along the way he must fight the armies of Comstock, and bring back control to the cities of Colombia.

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