[edit] Jack

Jack is the main character of the game. He is depicted as a father and husband who becomes essentially trapped in Rapture after a plane crash over the Atlantic.

[edit] Atlas

Atlas is the first person you encounter in Rapture and he offers to help you out - in return for a small favor, as all things go. He offers to help to get you through Rapture, but in return, he asks that you rescue his wife and child from the wrath of the splicers.

Atlas helps to guide you through the underwater labyrinth that is Rapture, by contacting you over the short-wave radio you pick up from the Bathysphere and offers you information, hints and tips. However, there is no way for you to contact him via the radio - if he wants to talk to you, he will call you and until then - you're on your own.

[edit] Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan is the creator of Rapture; he aims to stop Jack from thwarting his mission.

[edit] Silas Cobb

A former disciple of Sander Cohen, he is one of the men you must kill to complete Cohen's masterpiece.

[edit] Frank Fontaine

Fontaine is a former mobster who becomes involved in smuggling operations in Rapture; he is an archenemy of Andrew Ryan, mainly due to the two mens craving for power and control of the city.

[edit] Kyle Fitzpatrick

A protégé of sorts of Cohen, Kyle is an artist (a musician) seemingly more tortured by his teacher than himself.

[edit] Professor Julie Langford

Professor Julie Langford is the scientist responsible for creating and maintaining Arcadia, and is a main character in the level of the same name, an arboretum that supplies oxygen to Rapture.

[edit] Peach Wilkins

Peach Wilkins is a resident of Neptune's Bounty, and appears to be the leader of Fontaine's crew of illicit smugglers. Fontaine had promised him something better, and told him that he wanted to meet with him after hours at the fisheries. He and a group of men became smugglers for Fontaine's surface goods.

[edit] Pierre Gobbi

Pierre becomes displeased with the conditions of Rapture, and refers to it as a "dump" on numerous occasions.

[edit] Mariska Lutz

Married to Sam Lutz, Mariska and her husband moved to Rapture for work. They had a daughter together while they resided in Rapture, and named her Masha - who knew nothing of life above the Ocean's surface. Masha was taken from them by Andrew Ryan's men, telling them she could help save the failing city sometime after New Years 1959.

[edit] Martin Finnegan

Martin Finnegan, an ice-based Houdini Splicer being held prisoner by Sander Cohen in a meat locker in Poseidon Plaza. He is one of three splicers Cohen assigns Jack to kill and photograph to complete his "masterpiece" in Fort Frolic.

[edit] Bill McDonagh

Bill McDonagh served as the general contractor in Rapture under Andrew Ryan. They met while McDonagh was repairing the light fixtures in Ryan's bathroom, after saying that he would pick up the cost of the fixtures, as a point of personal pride being that none of his work had ever leaked before.

[edit] Sander Cohen

A renowned musician in Rapture, Cohen uses Jack so as to complete his "masterpiece" work of art.

[edit] Dr. J.S. Steinman

Dr. Steinman, a cosmetic surgeon residing in Rapture, is the main antagonist of the Medical Pavilion. A perfectionist, Steinman was in love with his work, so much so that he became obsessed with the human anatomy - and the idea of the unattainable "perfect human". His patients all underwent excessive splicing, turning them all into the opposite of what he was striving to achieve.

[edit] Dr. Yi Suchong

Dr. Yi Suchong, one of the opportunistic minds behind the creation and fruition of Rapture's Little Sisters and their guardians - the Big Daddys. Dr. Suchong was involved in Frank Fontaine's project to create a "trump" weapon, namely, Jack. Suchong implanted two verbal mind control triggers inside of Jack: "Would you kindly" which causes Jack to obey his commands without question, and "Code Yellow" which can ultimately stop Jack's heart. Dr. Suchong also developed an antidote, known as Lot 192, to Jack's mental conditioning.

Suchong was also responsible for the mental conditioning that gave the Little Sisters the need to gather ADAM from corpses, as well as the creation of the Big Daddys and their mental imprinting that instructs them to protect the Little Sisters at all costs.

[edit] Sullivan

Sullivan, the head of security for Rapture. He followed Ryan's orders indefinitely, though often questioned the morality of them.

[edit] Tasha Denu

Tasha Denu runs a business selling honey from the Bee Hives in the Farmer's Market. She was never fond of Professor Julie Langford, and makes her opposition clear by threatening to shoot her if she were ever to return.

[edit] Bridgette Tenenbaum

A German scientist, Bridgette Tenenbaum is the creator of ADAM and the Little Sisters, effectively serving as their "mother".

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