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Plasmids (Electrobolt shown above)

Now that you are trapped in Rapture, you must adapt and use Plasmids in order to escape the decaying city. Plasmids give you super-human abilities and actively change or affect the world around you. Plasmids are powered by EVE, a serum that gives you the power to use them. If you have no EVE you cannot use your Plasmids.


[edit] Plasmid Switching

You can have multiple Plasmids equipped at the same time, and can cycle through the ones you have equipped at any given time. There's also the ability to go to the selection screen where you can see all of your plasmids (and weapons).

[edit] Plasmid Slots

You begin the game with two open Plasmid slots. Each slot allows you to equip a single Plasmid, so use them carefully. Additional slots can be obtained by collecting more ADAM and buying them from Gatherer's Gardens.

[edit] Upgrading Plasmids

In addition to the standard variety of Plasmids you may come across throughout the course of the game, you may also find or create enhanced versions of those Plasmids - for use of dealing with some of Rapture's stronger inhabitants.

[edit] List of Plasmids

[edit] Enrage

This can be used to make the target feel extreme rage and attack the nearest thing. Do not use Enrage on a lone enemy as it will only cause it to attack you more aggressively.

[edit] Electro Bolt

A burst of electricity at your fingertips. This can be used to zap enemies in water or those sneaky splicers who cling to walls. When used on enemies in water it causes damage and shock. When used on enemies not in water it shocks them into immobility, during which you can hit them with another weapon. Even Big Daddies are susceptible to this. Electro Bolt is also used to short out electric doors which are jammed.

[edit] Incinerate

Paradise for the practicing pyromaniac. Excellent for creating a torturous death for the splicers. You get this plasmid early in the game, and at first it is effective, but it quickly loses effectiveness against Splicers even during the Medical Center stage. The Incinerate plasmid is also used to melt large amounts of ice (such as the blocking off sections of the Medical Center). When a splicer catches fire, it usually runs to find a pool of water. This is your chance to shock the water using the Electro Bolt.

[edit] Sonic Boom

Use this to create a powerful blast of air, knocking enemies in front of you off their feet.

[edit] Telekinesis

Like the gravity gun in Half Life? You'll love this. This plasmid has many uses and will become an important part of your arsenal. When faced against Nitro Splicers you can use Telekinesis to catch their projectiles, and then launch it back at them or other enemies. You can also use Telekinesis to pull ammo and other pickups towards you if they are too far to reach or even behind bars.

[edit] Cyclone Trap

A trap which sends anyone who walks over it flying into the air. Tip: place a proximity mine on the ceiling above of the place where you set a cyclone trap to make a splicer get hit by both the Cyclone Trap and the mine.

[edit] Hypnotize

The clue is in the name. Manipulate Big Daddies and use them to your advantage temporarily. This plasmid uses huge amounts of EVE and tricks the targeted Big Daddy into thinking you are a Little Sister for a short while (it seems to last several minutes). After the effects wear off the Big Daddy returns to roaming the halls on his own. Beware, attacking a Big Daddy will cause to become aggressive towards you. Be wary also that if you have a Hypnotized Big Daddy and trigger a trap bolt it can injure the Big Daddy, which will also count towards making it attack you in retaliation. Big Daddies that follow you around are also prone to get stuck temporarily in tight corridors and stairways which might force them to find alternate routes to follow you.

[edit] Insect Swarm

Unleash a barage of hornets onto your victim with this plasmid. The insects even attack splicers that are playing dead.

[edit] Security Bullseye

Whoever feels the wrath of this plasmid instantly becomes a target for security cameras and mounted gun turrets, creating a helpful diversion.

[edit] Target Dummy

Another tool of distraction. Summon the illusion of a dummy to distract foes. A trick is to use proximity mines with Target Dummy to lure the enemy towards the mine. If you are being attacked by numerous Security Bots you could use the Target Dummy to get them off your tail.

[edit] Winter Blast

Freeze anything that lies in your path. Freezing an apporaching splicer and shattering their helpless bodies is just one use of this plasmid. An enemy killed while in a frozen state does not drop any loot.

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