Dr. J.S. Steinman

Dr. J.S. Steinman
Voiced byUnknown
MissionTo create a physically perfect person.

"I saw the goddess the other day and do you know what she said? Symmetry, use symmetry!"

Dr. J.S. Steinman, a cosmetic surgeon residing in Rapture, is the main antagonist of the Medical Pavilion level. A perfectionist, Steinman fell in love with his work, so much so that he became obsessed with the human anatomy - and the idea of the unattainable "perfect human". His patients all underwent excessive splicing, turning them all into the opposite of what he was striving to achieve.

Steinman became so utterly obsessed with making his patients "beautiful", that he began seeing hallucinations of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of beauty. He constantly compared his patients to his imaginary model, never one appearing to come close to her in beauty, thus leading him further down the road of insanity.

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