First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are single-use health items which instantly restore a set amount of health. In Bioshock a player may carry upto 9 kits at a time, and the amount of health each kit restores is set, ie, if players use one when they are at particularly low health, the kit will not restore all their health. In Bioshock 2, a player can carry a maximum of only 5 kits (or 6, with Medical Expert), but each kit restores them to full health, irrespective of how much health they had when they used it.

[edit] Locations

- They can be purchased from the Circus of Values vending machines.

- Rarely, they can be found on dead splicers.

- Health Stations yield a single First Aid Kit when destroyed, and can give an additional one in Bioshock 2 if hacked with the bar ni the blue zone.

- On completing the second level of research for Spider Splicers, each Spider Splicer the player kills will have a kit on its body.

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