Gene Tonics


[edit] Background

Gene Tonics give you enhanced passive abilities, and come in three different flavors. Many, many Gene Tonics have been developed and it's your choice how they will best serve you in your time in Rapture.

[edit] Combat Gene Tonics

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Improve your reflexes and strength to boost your combat skills. For example, some combat gene tonics may increase the damage you can deal with a melee weapon or improve your effectiveness with electrical based attacks.

[edit] Engineering Gene Tonics

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Enhance your intellect and dexterity to allow you to carry out delicate tasks like hacking into and bypassing Rapture's security system.

[edit] Physical Gene Tonics

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Boost your body's natural abilities in incredible ways. For example, certain Gene Tonics might make you resistant to specific types of damage or let you naturally process toxins.

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