Jack.jpgJack, holding a picture of his family before his plane crashes over the Atlantic Ocean.
Voiced byAdam Sietz
MissionTo escape Rapture.

Jack is the main character of the game. He is depicted as a father and husband who becomes essentially trapped in Rapture after a plane crash over the Atlantic. He aims to help Atlas, the first person he meets (via radio), who we're shown is in a similar situation (his wife and children are away from him, held by Andrew Ryan).


As you find out later in the game, Jack is actually the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan. He was genetically engineered by Dr. Suchong to mature in only 2 years. When things in Rapture started to go south, Ryan had him sent out of the city. Later Fontaine sent Jack a package (The one that Jack is holding on the plane) that contains a revolver and instructions to hijack the plane and crash it over Rapture.

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