Bioshock Levels Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of all of the levels and areas you'll have a chance to explore throughout the game. It is written as your objectives become clear, concise and with detailed maps that will show you every nook, cranny and hidden Gene Tonic there is to find - without giving too much of the game's story or any exciting surprises away. Remember to look closely at each map for the locations of hidden Tonics, or Plasmids, that you may miss while playing.


[edit] Welcome to Rapture

Jack's frantic effort to survive begins with a plane crash into the Atlantic. After your struggle to gather oxygen and make it to the surface, take control of Jack and swim towards the only thing that can save your life - a rather large lighthouse that also functions as the gateway to Rapture.

700px-Bioshock Welcome to Rapture map.jpg

[edit] Objective: Get to Higher Ground

Upon exiting the Bathysphere Atlas will prompt you to reach higher ground - it might be wise of you to listen to him. Head up the stairs and take a left to witness the Spider Splicer from earlier being chased off by a Security Bot. Climb over the mass of broken columns and pick up your first armament - the Wrench. Make your way up the stairs and into the Lounge and deal with the Thuggish Splicer who's poised to attack you from the get go. Remember to search his body after he's lying limp on the ground, often times you'll find EVE Hypno, First Aid Kits or even some spare cash in a Splicer's pockets, after doing so continue about making your way to the Lounge. The Gatherer's Garden in the upper floor of the Lounge is out of commission, however one Electro Bolt Plasmid is sitting idle in the machine. Grab it and watch as your DNA starts to rewrite itself. After the scene where a Little Sister and her guardian Big Daddy have left the room, pull yourself up and look around for a possible way out. Notice the broken door switch to the North of where you entered - try your hand at hitting that with the Electro Bolt and see if you can't get that door to open. Continue traveling along the undersea tunnel. Shortly after you enter the tunnel a part of your plane will crash through the glass wall, just continue along as you were. Upon exiting the tunnel a pair of Thuggish Splicers will promptly attack you - it would be a good idea to get a feel for using your Plasmids in combat so try zapping them with the Electro Bolt and then clubbing them with your Wrench, or as Atlas will tell you "give them the one-two punch". Kill the flaming Thuggish Splicer in the proceeding room and take the left elevator up to the second floor.

[edit] Objective: Go to Neptune's Bounty

Pick up the First Aid Kit next to the Teddy Bear and flowers before approaching the woman near the bassinet off to the right. A lovely sight at first glance, her voice seems to feel comforting in this strange place, however you must kill her none the less. She wasn't cradling a baby in the carriage, but a Pistol chock full of six .38 caliber rounds ready to be unloaded on one unlucky passerby. Pick up the Pistol as it will be useful to you in the future, and much more effective against armed foes, then proceed into the restaurant. Make your way immediately into the kitchen and pick up a few bundles of money as a couple of First Aid Kits, then head back into the parlor room and take notice to the pair of Splicers who have made their way out onto the watery dance floor. Stand back and zap the water below them with your Electro Bolt - the water will amplify the power of your shock and finish them off for you. Wait until the electricity has dissipated and wade out onto the floor. Make sure to grab the Audio Diary sitting on the table before crawling through the hole in the wall in the woman's bathroom. Immediately after exiting your crawlspace you'll emerge along the highlighting of the Footlight Theatre. Walk out onto the rafters and take notice of the Little Sister harvesting ADAM below you. A Thuggish Splicer will enter the room from the Northern most door and attempt to nab some of the ADAM from the Little Sister - watch carefully. A Big Daddy will barge into the room and make short work of the greedy Splicer, then exit alongside of the Little Sister. Make sure to search his corpse for some ammunition and quick cash before breaking the lock on the iron gate and exiting the Theatre. You'll find yourself in the Transit Hub shortly after leaving the Theatre, be sure to zap the two Splicer in the water on the stairs before proceeding downward. Search their corpses to restock up on any EVE Hypno or health you may have lost coming to, then search the Big Daddy corpse they were looting for some big cash. Just as you near your destination the gate suddenly slams down and the alarm begins to sound. Move yourself near the pool of water below the fragmented stairs and wait patiently as Splicer after Splicer drops into the water. Zap them one after another until no more appear, then do as Atlas instructs you to and take the passage to your right - as you head for the Medical Pavilion.

[edit] Objective: Head to Medical!

Atlas has managed to unlock the doorway into the Medical Pavilion, but before heading there you must watch as Andrew Ryan makes his formal introduction to you. He's clearly not happy that you've come, and he makes that very clear in his video message. Luckily Atlas unlocks the airlock in time for you to make your escape to the Medical Pavilion - before the army of Thuggish Splicers is to break through the glass in the TV room. Now step through the airlock and make your way into the Medical Pavilion.

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