Point Prometheus

Map of Point Prometheus.

BioShock's 12th level, following Apollo Square. Here a chase on Fontaine begins; the gameplay is mixed up some here, too, as you search for the proper items to become a Big Daddy in this production facility.

[edit] History

Point Prometheus propaganda poster
The conditioning machine, used to train Little Sisters to follow Big Daddies.

Prometheus, in Greek mythology, was a Titan known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus, giving it to mortals, later being punished by torture for it.

In BioShock, Point Prometheus was used in the 'creation' of Daddies and Little Sisters -- as such, wandering through its corridors and rooms reveals a lot of the nature of the place. Drawings by the Sisters, conditioning machines, and evidence of genetic modification all paint a vivid picture of what led to Rapture's demise.

[edit] Power to the People Machines

There is a Power to the People machine in the Atrium right at the begining of the game, behind the dead Big Daddy, and another one at the Optimized Eugenics part of the level, at the upper most point of the map.

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