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This is a description of the Power to the People machines and a player's guide to weapons upgrading in Bioshock.

Power to the People machines are single use weapons upgrade stations in Bioshock. There are 12 Power to the People machines in the world of Rapture.These machines can only be used once to upgrade a single weapon, but using them is completely free and costs neither money or items. Because the machines have a limited use you should plan carefully before using them, but use them when you encounter them. Read below for general tips and insights into upgrades.

Upgraded weapons look different than the base weapons - the upgrades are clearly visible on the weapons as yellow glowing addons to the weapons when first upgraded, which then fade into curious looking contraptions "modded" onto the weapon. Each weapon only has 2 upgrades, described below.


[edit] Upgrade Tips

Try to upgrade the weapons you are most likely to use. Typically this would be the Shotgun and Machine Gun. Upgrading the Chemical Sprayer is fun, but offers less bang for you upgrade in the stages up to and including Fort Frolic since you won't have that much free ammunition to use the Chemical Sprayer (using the Liquid Nitrogen and another weapon to destroy frozen enemies also destroys valuable items that the enemies may be carrying).

[edit] What Upgrades Are Available

Upgrades focus on several types of things:

  • increase damage
  • improve accurace
  • increase rate of fire
  • increase range


[edit] Pistol

Increase the number of rounds the pistol can have loaded (but not total carried) from the standard 6 to 24 using an automatic feeder. The other upgrade increases the damage of the pistol by 25% using an accelerator to increase bullet velocity. You rarely need to use the pistol after the stage Welcome to Rapture because ammo for both the shotgun and machine gun is either plentiful or can be purchased at not too high a premium compared to pistol rounds on a cost per unit damage ratio. For this reason it is recommended that you spend even your early upgrades on either the machine gun or shotgun. It can, however, be useful for long-range sniping as it has a very tight spread of shots and higher damage per bullet than the faster firing machine gun. Also, The greater availability of the armor-piercing ammo type for Pistol can also make it a good choice at range from Turrets or even Big Daddies.

[edit] Machine Gun

Machine Gun can be upgraded once for reduced kickback (which makes it easier to aim) and once for increased damage. The machine gun is one of two primary high end weapons in the game and should be upgraded to maximize its effectiveness. The Machine Gun is a superb weapon against Big Daddies and has abundant ammo in several levels, so upgrading it fully is a very effective strategy. You can have a fully upgraded Machine Gun before you get too far in the game and it becomes a very powerful weapon. One can even skip the Kickback Reduction if they are willing to click the fire button repeatedly as the rate of fire is nearly identical to that when holding down the fire button. Be aware that even without kickback it has a wider scatter radius than the Pistol and is thus less accurate, impairing its use for long and even medium range sniping.

[edit] Shotgun

Increase the rate of fire using a steel accelerator, and increase the damage from the shotgun using a gas assisted pump. The shotgun is another of the primary weapons in the game and deserves to have an upgrade or two.

[edit] Chemical Thrower

Increase the range of the spray using a pressure hose, and decrease the rate of chemical consumption (so you can fire more before you run out of ammo).

[edit] Grenade Launcher

Immunity to the grenade blast from your own grenades thanks to autogenerated shaped charges, and increased grenade launcher damage via charge injectors. The grenade launcher is powerful, but one of its major drawbacks is that its explosive charge can harm you if you accidentally fire at something at close range. Like most FPS the grenade launcher is not a regularly used weapon, and it isn't even a preferred weapon against Big Daddies's, but being immune to its blasts is VERY useful, and this is one of the only FPS where you have the opportunity to even play with a grenade/rocket launcher weapon where you are immune to your own explosive projectiles!

[edit] Crossbow

Increased Crossbow Damage - increased tension to improve crossbow damage. Crossbow breakage chance reduced - an automatic tension adjuster installs to reduce the chances bolts are destroyed. Crossbow bolts are reusable if they don't break and this increases the chance of being able to reuse them.

[edit] Where they are found

[edit] Fontaine Fisheries

The first machine is found in the basement of Fontaine Fisheries after you have made it past defeating Peach Wilkins. This first machine has limited upgrade options, including upgrading the shotgun firing speed, shotgun damage, machine gun damage, machine gun kickback, and grenade launcher. If you upgrade your machine gun for increased damage be aware that its kickback makes the upgrade somewhat less useful, since you will miss with many of the bullets it shoots when the kickback ruins your aim.

[edit] Arcadia

Located in the tree farm. The machine is just to the left as you enter the area.

[edit] Farmer's Market

The machine is in the Farmer's Market, specifically in the waterlogged lower cellars of the Winery. This Power to the People machine offers a wider range of upgrades, including upgrades to the Chemical Thrower to increase its range, or decrease the rate of consumption of its chemical payload as it fires.

[edit] Fort Frolic

There are two Power to the People machine to be found in Fort Frolic.

  • The first Power to the People machine is found at Le Marqui D'Epoque near the begining of Fort Frolic. This is the cigar shoppe located south of the Atrium when you are invited by Cohen to Fleet Hall.
  • The second Power to the People machine is located in Sinclair Spirits. Go behind the counter and press a button. A wall will open where the machine is located.

[edit] Hephaestus

There are two Power to the People machines in Hephaestus.

  • The first is right beside the Geothermal Core, opposite the Gatherer's Garden.
  • The second is inside Dyrkuz's Workshop. You will encounter this machine in the course of the main storyline so you can't miss it.

[edit] Olympus Heights

There are two Power to the People machines in Olympus Heights.

  • The first one is in Mercury Suites on the opposite side of the elevator doors on the center pillar.
  • The second one is in Suchong's Apartment. The Power to the People machine is in Sander Cohen's personal quarters. You can only go into this area if you didn't kill Sander Cohen in Fort Frolic.

[edit] Apollo Square

There is only one Power to the People machine in Apollo Square.

  • The Power to the People machine is in Hestia 4th Floor. The Power to the People machine is on your right as soon as you enter the room.

[edit] Point Prometheus

There are two Power to the People machines in Point Prometheus.

  • The first machine is located in the Atrium right next to the Big Daddy's corpse where you pick up the Suit Control System.
  • The second machine is located in the Optimized Eugenics area. It is located right next to the Gene Bank.

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