Power to the people

BIOSHOCK 2 All the location of the power to the people machines

Weapon Upgrade Stations

01 Ryan Amusements - Going to get the ticket, pretty hard to miss

02 Ryan Amusements - After the family display, through the door

03 Pauper's Drop - From Journal 039 go out door, down stairs

04 Pauper's Drop - In the back of skid row, in the limbo room, it will be behind the stage

05 Pauper's Drop - after breaking into hotel, when you're going through the halls, you'll go through a hole, to your left you'll see a blue sheet, to the right is the station

06 Siren Alley - In Mermaid Lounge, go upstairs hack the gate, drop through a hole in the floor

07 Siren Alley - Just before Pump station 5

08 Dionysis Park - Behind the door, combo 1080

09 Dionysis Park - On the path to the train

10 Fontaine Futuristics - After you destroy the flying gil bot, you can enter where you get access to laboratory

11 Fontaine Futuristics - After you turn on the lights, it will be in the bottom of the holding cells area

12 Persephone Outer - on your left, you can't miss it

13 Inner Persephone - After you gain access to Sinclair look back in the room

14 Inner Persephone - Just after ward B in the room with the rocket turret

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