Sander Cohen

Sander Cohen
Sander-cohen.jpgThe musician and man who runs Fort Frolic, Sander Cohen.
Voiced byUnknown
MissionTo create the ultimate artistic masterpiece.

Sander Cohen a major NPC in the twisted world of Bioshock's Rapture. A renowned musician in Rapture, he is yet another maniac, and is appointed by Andrew Ryan to run Fort Frolic, one of the major stages in the game. Time has twisted Cohen's already fragile artistic mind, and he no longer serves the interests of Ryan, but instead rules Fort Frolic in the manner of his own choosing. Sander Cohen is melodramatic and a megalomaniac, as revealed by various recordings found throughout Fort Frolic and from his narrative to Jack. He speaks with the lilting drawl of an opera house director, and is prone to "poetic" discourse.

Soon after arriving at Fort Frolic from Poseidon Plaza, Jack is toyed with by Sander Cohen, who unleashes a small horde of Spider Splicers to deal with the intruder. After Jack defeats the Splicers Cohen seems facinated with him, and decides to invite him deeper into Fort Frolic where presumably Jack can entertain him some more. Sander Cohen often refers to Jack as the "little moth", and uses Jack so as to complete his "masterpiece" artwork, a "Quartych" of photos depicting the deaths of those he perceives as having betrayed him in Fort Frolic.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

When you finish Sander Cohen's masterpiece he doesn't attack you. He simply unlocks a gift for you (a healing tonic level 2) and allows you to go on your way. At this point you have a choice, leave Sander alone, or attack and kill him. He does make an offhand remark about how he would not be opening his chest for you to see, because only his true disciple will ever see it (does this imply perhaps that all his "false" disciples had tried to steal the contents of this chest from him?).

Be warned that the only way to open the chest is to kill Sander, and retrieve the key from him, but doing so will bar you from access of one of the Power to the People machines located in Sander Cohen's personal quarters later in Olympus Heights. Killing Sander is completely optional, you may leave unharassed to the blathysphere or kill him to gain access to the chest. Inside the chest are $100, 3 Splicer Organs (which act as Medical Kits), and 9 Incendiary Bolts for the crossbow. Sander Cohen is not hard to defeat and you can probably kill him without too much fuss, so if you want you can do this. Cohen is essentially a Houdini Splicers with more health, so the same tactics apply. In general, unless you are low on Medical Kits the tradeoff is not worth it.

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