Xbox 360 Achievements

Below you'll find a list of Achievements you can unlock by playing BioShock for Microsoft's Xbox 360 (please note that Achievements are ONLY available on the Xbox 360 version of this game).

[edit] Standard Achievements

Completed Welcome. [10G]

Successfully complete the Welcome To Rapture Level.

Maxed One Track [20G]

Purchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks

Maxed All Tracks [50G]

Purchased every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks

Bought One Slot [5G]

Purchase one slot in any Plasmid or Tonic track

Upgraded a Weapon [5G]

Acquire at least one weapon upgrade.

One Fully Upgraded Weapon [5G]

Fully upgrade one weapon.

Two Fully Upgraded Weapons [5G]

Fully upgrade two weapons.

Three Fully Upgraded Weapons [10G]

Fully upgrade three weapons.

Four Fully Upgraded Weapons [10G]

Fully upgrade four weapons.

Five Fully Upgraded Weapons [10G]

Fully upgrade five weapons.

Weapon Specialist [20G]

Acquire all upgrades for all weapons.

Fully Researched Thug Splicer [10G]

Fully research the Thuggish Splicer.

Fully Researched Gun Splicer [10G]

Fully research the Leadhead Splicer.

Fully Researched Spider Splicer [10G]

Fully research the Spider Splicer.

Fully Researched Houdini Splicer [10G]

Fully research the Houdini Splicer.

Fully Researched Nitro Splicer [10G]

Fully research the Nitro Splicer.

Fully Researched Rosie [10G]

Fully research the Rosie.

Fully Researched Bouncer [10G]

Fully research the Bouncer.

Fully Researched Little Sister [10G]

Fully research the Little Sister.

Prolific Photographer [5G]

Take at least one photo in every research group.

Research PhD [20G]

Max out all possible research.

Quality Research Photo [20G]

Take a Research Photo of the highest grade.

Researched a Splicer [5G]

Take at least one Research Photo of a Splicer.

One Successful Hack [5G]

Perform at least one successful hack.

Hacked a Security Bot [10G]

Successfully hack a security bot.

Hacked a Security Camera [10G]

Successfully hack a security camera.

Hacked a Turret [10G]

Successfully hack a turret.

Hacked a Vending Machine [10G]

Successfully hack a vending machine.

Hacked a Safe [10G]

Successfully hack a safe.

Skilled Hacker [40G]

Successfully complete 50 hacks.

Basic Inventor [5G]

Successfully invent at least one item.

Avid Inventor [10G]

Successfully invent at least 100 items.

Ammo Inventor [25G]

Successfully invented all possible ammo types.

Little Sister Savior [100G]

Complete the game without harvesting any Little Sisters.

Tonic Collector [50G]

Collect or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.

Historian [50G]

Find every audio diary.

Seriously Good At This [40G]

Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

Dealt with every Little Sister [40G]

Either Harvest or Rescue every Little Sister in the game

Lucky Winner [10G]

Hit the jackpot at a slot machine

Toaster in the Tub [10G]

Shock an enemy in the water.

[edit] Secret Achievements

Listed below are all of the Achievements that you won't actually know how to get until you've met the requirements for earning the Achievement.

Defeated Dr. Steinman [15G]

The player has defeated the crazed Dr. Steinman

Defeated Peach Wilkins [15G]

The player has defeated Peach Wilkins

Restored the Forest [15G]

The player has restored the forests of Arcadia

Completed Cohen's Masterpiece [30G]

The player has completed Sander Cohen's great masterpiece

Defeated Andrew Ryan [30G]

The player has defeated Andrew Ryan

Broke Fontaine's Mind Control [30G]

The player has broken Fontaine's mind control

Defeated Atlas [100G]

The player has defeated Atlas

Became a Big Daddy [30G]

The player has become a Big Daddy.

Irony [10G]

The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse

Found Cohen's Room [10G]

The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters.

Brass Balls [100G]

Complete the game on Hard difficulty without using a Vita-Chamber

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